How We Work: Mind-Spirit-Body
Through breathing.
Stretching of the limbs (neck and head, arms and legs).
Soft and flowing motion.
Precision of execution.

What We Want
Balance (stability and equally balanced body parts).
Flexibility of muscles and joints.
Continuously smooth and flowing motion.
Economy of movement and economy of effort.

We work through deep muscle work – using the muscles closest to the bones and/or the center of the body, activating the transversus, using the power house.

The Advantages of Pilates
Through rhythmic breathing the development of the flexibility and strength  of the THORAX.
The development of the power in the lung-diaphragm region.
Efficient breathing for the maximum in power and control.
More physical power and strength.
A better well-being (better balanced in mind and body).

Health Advantages

against asthma.
against stress.
better blood circulation.
helping digestive problems.
helping to minimized migraine problems.
helping to minimize physical blockages.
helping to minimize emotional blockages.

Through correct usage of the power house and the strengthening of this region, better posture and a reduction in back problems and back pains.

Through the rhythmic breathings and body movements, a strong massage effect on the inner organs (heart, kidneys, liver, digestive tract, etc.) which produces a stronger immune system, better oxygen intake, better muscle tonus, healthier and better-looking skin, and better organ function.